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    Lexington, Massachusetts
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The Problem

Reducing demand for coltan will not only save our Chimps, it will also save human lives. Control over coltan mines fuels civil wars killing millions of people. Furthermore, deforestation that occurs when the mines are created forces people out of their communities and into Chimpanzee habitats. This creates devastating effects for all. By recycling cell phones, laptops and other equipment we hope to help reduce the demand for coltan. These devices and/or their parts can be reused by people; therefore, "new" material isn't needed.

Our Plan

A lower elementary class in Lexington Montessori School chose to engage the school community and ask that everyone recycle devices that were no longer being used. The class spoke to parents, staff and students about the issues of coltan mining. Groups made signs and drop boxes, some took time to speak to each and every class and others manned collection areas. The class chose one day where everyone could easily drop their devices before and after school during drop off and pick up. An email was sent to the school community so that everyone was aware of the recycling day.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights
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    Peace & Safety
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The Benefit

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