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The Problem

The problem we want to fix is to help those who are not knowledgable about the arts. Those who wish they could go to school for the arts but don\'t have the money. We want to help those young and old who are on the streets and feel like they have no hope. They feel like they can\'t make it anywhere in life. With a great mindset, amazing work ethic, and some knowledge anything is possible. I live in a predominantly urban community. So everyday I see families, men and woman on the streets. If they can gather the knowledge we have, apply it they will not have to worry about where they are in their current state anymore. We want to help those that wanted to always earn a chance at learning an instrument but never had the right teachers to help them or never had the right finances.

Our Plan

We are planning on having workshops and seminars on the information in different areas. We plan on giving private lessons on any instrument. Those private lessons will deal with ear training and note reading as well. We will also give lessons on studio production, learning about pre-production, mixing and mastering. Vocal training as well as acting lessons.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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