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The Problem

Teaching in a Rural Title 1 school presents many challenges for educators. One of those challenges is the lack of resources for our students. The middle school students at our school are in desperate need of scientific calculators. They need these calculators in order to practice for our state's standardized math test. Without access to calculators, our students will not be set up for success which could hinder their academic growth. My fellow math teachers have been fundraising so that we can get four class sets of calculators (approximately 120 calculators total). My wish is for every student to have the same resources and tools as students who are less economically challenged.

Our Plan

The math team at Bagley Middle School will be able to determine if our campaign for additional resources/calculators is successful overall by students' performance on formative and summative assessments. We will collect evidence of student growth using our new resources by means of data analysis on assessments and observations.

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