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    Tucson, Arizona
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The Problem

We hope to increase the recycling that is happening on campus. In addition we want to reduce the use of plastic water battles by distributing reusable metal water bottles as an incentive for students at Santa Rita High School to recycle. Finally, we hope to implement a composting process on our campus in order to reduce our landfill waste and increase the reuse organic materials for sustainable farming

Our Plan

Our project will institute a campus wide recycling program and a composting program. We will begin by educating the teachers staff and students on what can be recycled. We will create flyers and informational posters to help keep people informed. We will also create and incentive program for classrooms to recycle that will include monthly prizes for the classrooms that recycle the most. At the same time, we will be actively pursuing partnerships and funding to start composting the waste from our lunches. We hope to secure funding for the project and have already formed a partnership with the University of Arizona Students for Sustainability to help us implement our project and find grants that will help us fund it. We will be posting progress and announcing class winner of the recycling phase on our website. We will also make announcements when we begin the composting phase of the project.

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