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The Problem

I wish for our community to be able to be able to use less plastic bags and more reusable bags or bags that are less harmful to the environment, such as paper bags or cloth bags. I wish for our community to have less plastic bag waste.

Our Plan

It will help to raise awareness of the danger of plastic bags and offer an alternate solution that is affordable and easy to use. It will reduce the number of plastic bags going around and therefore also reduce pollution. We would hold a cloth bag drive at our school and we could also work alongside other schools for the drive. We would have the students bring in any spare cloth bags they have at home and even broken ones. if there is not enough cloth bags we could fundraise enough money so that we'll be able to buy bags. We will then paint the bags and if needed mend them. the bags would be painted with logos or symbols promoting awareness for the environment. We would then go around to different supermarket or main shopping areas and make a partnership with them. we would sell the cloth bags at their super market and make flyers and posters to go along with it so that people will be aware of what we are doing. We could also organize a day with the supermarkets, where they will not give out plastic bags and sell them instead or people would have to bring their own bags. We would warn people about this day with flyers and posters. with the money gained form the buying of the cloth or paper bags then we''ll also be able to gain more funds.

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