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The Problem

This project will focus on less usage of paper in teaching - learning process. Thailand education system is still very classical and they value homework and notebooks a lot. Consuming hundreds and hundreds tones of paper and other stationary stuff that will be wasted after a short period, make me wonder "Isn't there any other way to reduce this huge waste of natural resources while we are living in the internet and technology era?"

Our Plan

I've created lessons which we use more technology devices rather than papers. All lecture notes will be available in our Facebook group, projects will be created by cell phones or other devices that has a camera for recording videos(students should create short films based on the topic of the lesson), class quizzes will perform online and the only way I'll use paper is for homework(some questions related to the day's lecture) that's unfortunately a rule I can't change as the school needs a type of evidence(so called notebooks and homework) to be sure we are doing our jobs. Hope I can help a little to our mother Earth!

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