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The Problem

This project aims to motivate the students to actively participate in fund-raising activities for increasing the access to education of their colleagues with severe disabilities, by offering them social scholarship for one semester of study (Student4Student Scholarship).

Our Plan

The activities of the project will take place every academic year. Under the coordination of Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD, centre.ubbcluj.ro/bsd), the students have the possibility to donate books, lecture-notes and other study materials. All these items are collected by OSD and made available for acquisition for a period of two weeks, for a symbolic amount of money/item. The money raised at the end of this period are offered as a social scholarship to a student with severe disabilities, who is already enrolled at the University. This academic year (2015-2016), the activity will take place at the Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education and it aims to offer a Student4Student Scholarship to an undergraduate student diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

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