Learning About the American Enterprise System

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    Mankato, Kansas
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The Problem

My wish for this project is that the younger students will be able to better understand the simple aspects of the business world and the American Enterprise system. I hope to see that the younger students will become more interested in the project and the FBLA organization to where they are eager to learn more. I hope to see the younger students using their money more efficiently through community events and business transactions, such as simply buying ice cream from a restaurant. The impact I am hoping to discover is that the younger students understand how business applies to their everyday lives and personal lives to where they are better prepared for the future.

Our Plan

The project will include some of our organization's members to visit our elementary school and read elementary-version books about the American Enterprise system to the younger classes. The project will also consist of teaching the kids entertaining lessons and activities that expand their understanding about the American Enterprise system.

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The Benefit

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