Labor of Love

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    Calabasas, California
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The Problem

We want to help the schools in the areas impacted by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. We are collecting school supplies to be sent to a distribution center in time for the reopening of schools. This is our Labor of Love. This will be followed by the Flood of Love campaigns to send toys and stuffed animals to children in the area. For this project, we have expanded our community to encompass the flood areas.

Our Plan

We have already started to collect items. The money from the grant will be used to ship or transport the items, if we can find no other means of transporting them. If this can be secured in this short time, then we will use the grant money to buy additional supplies to send. Our schools and library are being used to collect items. This is all being spearheaded by the Roots and Shoots Club. We are using social media to expand our message. I have posted on Facebook and students will originate a Twitter feed and Instagram posting.

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The Benefit

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