Kids Need Support 2 Outdoor Awareness

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    EDISON, New Jersey
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The Problem

Our goal is to teach special needs children how to appreciate the beauty of wildlife, bring awareness to nature and all its elements, to improve children’s health and wellness through nutrition and education naturally grown to combat obesity and other health issues. To bring awareness , respect and dignity to nature with the love and inspiration of special needs children.

Our Plan

Kids Need Support 2, Healing Gardens will focus on the unique health disparities economic needs in the community. We will plant flowers, trees, shrubs in the local communities. Advocate for special needs while completing recreational outdoor activities such as hiking, cleaning the parks, fishing, etc. Focusing on resiliency, awareness and natural health resources for special needs children, chronically ill and disadvantaged youth. Our organization will approach the problem of vandalism in the parks, littering and the lack of respect for nature by painting over graffiti areas, cleaning the parks, planting healing gardens and flower beds with fencing to protect the beauty of nature and life within. We work closely with the naturalist and share information on wildlife protection and earth preservation tips. Children between the ages of 5 - 18 will work weekly to maintain the gardens. “This grant will make it possible for 100 city kids, many of which are low-­‐income, to explore all of their sense in the gardens. From touching worms, gathering fresh produce, to smelling lemon verbena to tasting the finished product of their labor. There will be 10 classes throughout the year, which will cover the following topics: • Seed starting • Planning a garden • Planting • Harvesting • Composting This spring we will work on outreach to parents, partner organizations, and teachers living in the neighborhood through newsletters, social media, and local churches to recruit volunteers.” Being a keeper of our brother/sister involves being a keeper of the all life and earth. We will heal together.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

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