Kids Cut Palm Oil Day – 30th November 2015

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The Problem

Kids Cut Palm Oil are an international group of school students who want to see an end to the DESTRUCTION OF THE FORESTS We want this destruction to stop KILLING ENDANGERED ANIMALS We want the destruction stopped because it is also KILLING PEOPLE We know how to stop it, we can stop it, and we will stop it. we can all take action, become educated and aware. WE CAN CUT CONFLICT PALM OIL FROM OUR LIVES

Our Plan

Kids Cut Palm Oil is a non-profit awareness and fundraising collective of international school students. We came together as a result of seeing the destruction of the tropical peat land forests of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia. We learned that the major cause of this yearly ‘environmental crisis’ was the production of conflict palm oil, not only is conflict palm oil production destructive to the natural forest much of the planting is done on illegally acquired land. We also learned that conflict palm oil is a major ingredient in many of the items we consume daily and use daily, from snack foods and cereals to shampoos and soaps. We’ve seen orang-utans dying, we seen people in masks enduring days with no sun and burning air, we’ve heard stories of young children hospitalised just from breathing in the air. We’ve heard from firefighters who were battling the flames with hardly any equipment, who were risking their lives to save others and we knew we must act. We have taken our campaign to schools in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia Australia, The United States, Hungary and Canada. We’ve even delivered presentations, petitions and educational materials to students who are becoming aware of the need to cut conflict palm oil from their lives in order to grow up in a world that sustains life in all forms. How will we achieve this? For our current campaigns on 30th November, we ask kids to: 1. LEARN which products containing conflict palm oil through November 2. SHARE – Products that contain conflict Palm Oil at school and take photos to share online 3. PLEDGE – To never knowingly consume conflict palm oil again 4. DONATE the products to people who need them. We are promoting this through social media reach and vast international schools alliances. See more at

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