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The Problem

Kids want to be able to help! They have big hearts. Sometimes they are just not able to because they are young and they just don't have the tools or abilities. With our Kids Creating for Kids project, students will draw/sketch their ideas for coloring pages for children at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. They will put the pages together, copy and bind them to create coloring books for children at the hospital. Their imagination will create whimsical pages that will hopefully provide smiles to children who could use a distraction. This project is for kids by kids!

Our Plan

Our project will create a tangible product that can be given to kids to look, read, and color. We want to add a pack of crayons to each book so that all the children who receive one will have what they need. It is a simple project with big heart. With paper, pencil, crayons and binding material, our students will create a book that will be fun and joyful.

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The Benefit

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