Keeping Plastic out of our Ocean

  • Location
    Koloa, Hawaii
  • Status
  • Age Level
    5 to 7 Years
    8 to 10 Years
  • Project created by Sofia

The Problem

We regularly see sand toys littering our beaches, many of which end up washing into the ocean. We feel if there is a sand toy bin, people would be more likely to put the unwanted sand toys in the bins instead of leaving them on the sand.

Our Plan

We are trying to address the problem of plastic on our small island of Kauai. We as a school would like to build and place bins at our local public beaches where we can house sand toys for tourists to use while at the beach so they do not buy them while on the island. This would reduce the amount of plastic in landfills because they will use the sand toys already available.

Themes Addressed

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    Animal Welfare
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    Water Pollution & Conservation
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    Zero Waste

The Benefit

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