Junior Chefs Program

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    White Pine, Tennessee
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The Problem

Two years ago, we identified a need for growing fresh vegetables and learning to prepare them. Last summer, we got a small grant to purchase cooking equipment and to buy ingredients for cooking healthy recipes. This summer we want to use that equipment to prepare vegetables we grow ourselves.

Our Plan

This summer we are using donated seeds to plant raised beds, grow plants in containers and in plant bags, and use our chain-link fence as trellises. We will record our planting and harvesting in terms of vegetable types we grow, our planting schedule, and harvest in pounds. We will also do taste testing to introduce "Club Members" to new foods and to evaluate recipes to create a Cookbook to post on our Facebook page. With the mini-grant, we will add shelving to our small "backyard greenhouse" and purchase seed-starting supplies, including flats and potting mix ingredients. We will grow "shoots" in the greenhouse and practice greenhouse techniques we can use to extend our growing season.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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