Jefferson School Pollinator Garden

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    New Ulm, Minnesota
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The Problem

Our wish is to provide a habitat where butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds will feel welcome and safe, a place where they can go about their very important business of pollinating plants. We have learned in STEM class how important these creatures are to all of us, and we have learned how chemicals and people have hurt these special habitats. We have a beautiful new addition on our school which desperately needs some landscaping so we are so excited to have permission to plan, create, and care for a pollinator garden right on our school grounds. Hopefully our parents and other community members will see our garden and realize they can help our environment as well by planting their own pollinator garden at home.

Our Plan

Our garden project will not only beautify the new addition at our school, but it will help provide a safe habitat for important pollinators like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. We have already learned about the important job these pollinators do for all of us, now we are ready to plan and build our garden. We live in MN so we will have some time to prepare over the winter. We will study the best plants suited to our climate as well as the plants that pollinators enjoy the most. Throughout the winter we will have time to draw up the plans for our garden and order the supplies we need when spring arrives. Once the snow melts we will get busy digging our garden and planting the plants that will attract the pollinators. We are so excited to have our own garden. Once the garden gets growing we would love to add more plants that will benefit from the pollinators - like vegetables!

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    Community Enhancement
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