Jamez springs finds the source of energy

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    Jamez springs, New Mexico
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The Problem

I wish first of all for visibility of a special close-knit community of the Jamez native Americans living on a picturesque extinct volcano near Los Alamos National Lab, Albuquerque area, NM. I want to work with high school students in a charter school who are not just a mico-minority but also needing support from all sections of society to uplift their own community. I am a graduate student in University of Utah working on my PhD in solar cells. I want to share my excitement for science and STEM field to the students. I am especially passionate about renewable energy and how such sources have changed the living conditions of remote communities.

Our Plan

I am planning to gather from the students their family cost of energy usage both in terms of heating/cooling, electricity and transport. I would then have the students do a mapping of their community land for all the renewable sources of energy; a land that is blessed with 365 days of sunshine, and heavy winds apart from green oasis. Then I would do experiments for making solar cells from kitchen materials and wind mill prototype!

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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    Indigenous Rights
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The Benefit

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