Invasive Species Removal in Chinquapin Park

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    Alexandria, Virginia
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The Problem

We wish to remove invasive species of plants from the Chinquapin Park ecosystem. For years, species such as English Ivy, Garlic Mustard and Japanese knotweed have been taking over and crowding out native species of plants. This reduces food sources for many native animals, and creates an imbalance in the ecosystem. Our goal is to remove these species from the park in order to allow native species a chance to reestablish themselves. Once the native species of plants return, the many species of animals that depend on these plants will also return. It will also create a more aesthetic forest ecosystem for citizens of Alexandria to enjoy.

Our Plan

We will meet twice in the springtime and twice in the fall in order to organize volunteers to pull up the invasive species. The springtime events will happen before garlic mustard has a chance to go to seed.

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