Invasive Species Identification and Removal How-To Video

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    Tucson, Arizona
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The Problem

Buffelgrass is an invasive species in southern Arizona. It creates a huge fire risk in an already high risk area. It steals valuable resources from native plants and animals. Our students are part of a city-wide annual Buffelgrass removal. There is very little information available to Spanish speakers about this grass. Students would like to create a Spanish language video that teaches the community about the issue, shows them how to identify and remove the grass, and about other groups in the area that are addressing the same problem.

Our Plan

Students will film a short educational piece that teaches Spanish speakers about the problems with Buffelgrass and how to remove it. This film will supplement the Spanish pamphlet one of the organizations already has created. They will also help translate additional materials that have been created by the organization. The film will be available to the public on various social media outlets and websites.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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