Inspiring Through Stories: One More Day

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The Problem

We have wanted to help those impacted by hurricanes in August and September, then so many other natural disasters occurred, and we thought and thought of how we could possibly use our own experiences to help others. Supplies would be too expensive to send/ mail/ transport for us, and we weren't sure who to send money to, so we finally landed upon a solution! We hope to let others know that they will get through their challenging times, and will be stronger for it. Our storybook will include stories from 20 students who have endured their own traumatic experiences, and are finding ways to be successful and thrive in new ways. We wish to inspire others, and provide a resource that will last in libraries and classrooms for years to come.

Our Plan

20 students will recount stories from their lives, with a variety of experiences, both memorable and deeply moving. All of the authors are English language learners, and they wish to inspire others to keep going "one more day", even when the circumstances around them may seem dire and uncontrollable. Each of the students is driven by empathy for so many others impacted by natural disasters, and they simply want to help in some small way. The writing process will not only serve others, but enhance the language and writing skills of our many authors with an authentic purpose. The funding will be used to purchase quality photobooks to send to various libraries and classrooms nationwide, and to Mexico.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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