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The Problem

Our cities are divided, and different sections often feel completely disconnected. These divides, including those between areas in a city, or on a bigger scale, between countries, are not beneficial for humanity to tackle the real issues we are facing. In order for humanity to really address climate change and environmental degradation, we must all work together. Conservation and activism should not be an exclusive endeavor for those in a privileged position to undertake, but rather an opportunity for communities and individuals to innovate and Inspire Hope Through Action. This problem is quite evident in Los Angeles, where communities are separated by freeways and distances, and some may live in the city for years without knowing about any other parts of the city. This lack of understanding and communication hinders our growth and the potential for significant change. Conservation has been framed as a task to be undertaken as a necessity to counterbalance progress and its all consuming appetite. However, a new way of thinking purports that conservation is a great opportunity for collective growth and prosperity. Connecting our cities and the many challenges this poses, is a path for building bridges of understanding and the cross-pollination of ideas. Innovation and new ventures are in the future for those who are willing to connect.

Our Plan

Seven Arrows is partnering with the Jane Goodall Institute and the SoLa I Can Foundation to establish a Roots & Shoots Center at our new Aldersgate Campus in Pacific Palisades, as well as opening new spaces for communities around Los Angeles to explore and develop innovative ideas around conservation and activism. The launch of this partnership begins at SoLa Impact's new business campus, 'The Beehive' in South Los Angeles. The Beehive is an emerging cultural center in the heart of South Los Angeles, featuring large open spaces, historic converted warehouses and an innovative youth tech and entrepreneurship center. In alignment with Dr. Jane's desire to connect cities to Inspire Hope Through Action, Seven Arrows and the Aldersgate Roots & Wings Center are partnering with SoLa I Can Foundation to spark new community driven initiatives that help connect West and South Los Angeles. Engaging our alumni community and the grassroots organizations involved in this partnership, we seek to reach many people across the city, to join and get inspired by Dr. Jane's message of hope, and to find the tools necessary to realize their vision for a better, more integrated and connected world. The launch of this partnership will take place at the Beehive on April 11, 2023, with a conversation with Dr. Jane Goodall.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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