Insect Hotels: Nesting Habitat for Pollinators

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The Problem

The plight of the honey bee and other pollinators is of concern to many of us. Insect hotels or habitat for insects is the perfect project for our Roots & Shoots group to show care and concern for animals. A well-designed and well-built habitat with ample nearby pollen sources will naturally attract mason bees, can allow intimate year-round observation of their lifecycle. We thereby set out to construct a mason bee nesting habitat that each family could care for in their backyard.

Our Plan

The kids had a great time building their own nesting habitat and it allowed their creativity to show. Most of the kids recycled materials (soup cans, two liter bottles, etc.) to create a cylinder to hold bamboo and paper tubes. Some kids stated they wanted to build a wooden frame around their tubes and planned to finish their projects at home. To learn more about our project, read our blog post "Insect Hotels: Nesting Habitat for Mason Bees" [ ]

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The Benefit

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