Indigenous Plants Awareness Campaign

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    Bainbridge Island, Washington
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The Problem

Understanding and identifying plants is important! Especially for people who enjoy exploring nature. From plants you can touch to plants you shouldn't touch, to edible plants to poisonous plants...knowledge is the root of keeping yourself safe out there! Our project will help bring awareness to indigenous plant education, which will help us be more aware of how to appreciate and respect the plants around us!

Our Plan

We organized bi-weekly hikes in a variety of different places, and took pictures of as many different plants and weeds that we could find. Then, we researched the plants and identified the species, when it blooms, whether it was perennial or annual, and whether it was safe to touch or safe to eat. After we positively identified the plants, we printed them out and pasted them onto playing cards and used a 1-hole punch to bind the cards together on a metal ring. This way, we could take our cards with us while we went exploring in nature. We were so excited to find safe edible plants, we even found out the nutritional value of them!

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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