Increase Bushwick’s Flora and Fauna

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    Brooklyn, New York
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The Problem

Our wish for this project is to build up the plants and animals existing in Bushwick (and greater Brooklyn) today!

Our Plan

In our school's neighborhood of Bushwick, there is not a lot of wild space, either inside or outside of our school. In order to improve that condition, my students and I would like to embark on a two-part procedure to increase the flora and fauna of our community. 1. Flora: We would like to purchase seeds, plant and nourish the developing plants, and spread them around our school. This way, students can develop a "green thumb" to continue to contribute to local greenery in their future. They can also study the plants themselves to enhance their Living Environment coursework. More importantly, though, they will develop a multi-part "garden" that we can spread around our school and community (we are connected to a community center) to spread plant knowledge (and oxygen!) around Bushwick. 2. Fauna: My students have recently learned about the decreasing population of the North American Horseshoe Crab. Along with growing plants for our local community, we would like to purchase Horseshoe Crab eggs, incubate them, allow them to grow, and increase the local population of crabs. Much like the plant project, this will allow students to take ownership of the care of a living organism, building leadership and responsibility to each other and their community.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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