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The Problem

I'm a student from korea who want to announce to the world that Dokdo is ours. In our history, Dokdo plays a huge part in our culture and history, and lots of old maps and other info shows that this particular land is ours. But our neighboring country, Japan is trying to take this land, and they make strange implications of how it's their land. You see, Dokdo is one of the places, not including the DMZ and several others, where our wildlife is well preserved. Plus, there are several resources that is very important, for example, methain hydrate, which is otherwise known as the burning ice. It is one of the things that has a lot of expectations. With my project, I would like to strongly state to the world that Dokdo is ours, and at the same time, not provoking Japan and maintaining our friendship is my wish. Also, I would like to conserve the wildlife,for example, the sea lions that is so rare in Dokdo, but which is getting killed by japanese hunters. Please! Help!

Our Plan

My project is to show the world that our country has Dokdo, and it has nothing to do with Japan and other countries. I would like the people who read this to feel the way we koreans do everytime someone says Dokdo is Japan's. WE KNOW that this island is ours, and we will do our best to prove this.

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety

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