HTHS Camera Traps

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    Lincroft, New Jersey
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The Problem

This project will attempt to document the wildlife species found on our school campus. We hope to learn more about the animals living beside us and help more students become aware of local biodiversity. In addition, this project helps fight nature-deficit disorder by getting students outside in nature.

Our Plan

Coyotes are expanding their range while most other mammals are disappearing. This project will attempt to document the presence of wildlife on property adjacent to our campus. In addition, we suspect that coyotes may be visiting specific areas and hope to gather photographic evidence. Through the use of highly capable camera trackers, we hope to start an inventory of animal populations in these forested areas devoted to nature study. In this way, records of local animal populations can be kept for reference and provide further insight into the movement of certain species into other habitats.

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The Benefit

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