How your diet effects the environment

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The Problem

Our wish is to educate the students of College of Lake County on how their own diets effect the environment around them and how they can make difference by eating more consciously in the future. We wanted to show the students that you can make a difference by making small changes in your daily activities.

Our Plan

Our project is aimed to educate the students in the College of Lake County on how to be more conscious when they are eating. For our project we used a prize wheel and put different diets in each slot such as pescatarian, flexitarian etc. When a student spun the wheel we had them give us the definition for the diet that they landed on and than had them guess how big that diets carbon footprint is. After we told them what the carbon footprint for that diet was and we told them how you can cut down on your carbon footprint such as cutting back on meat, buying from local organic farmers.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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