How the Wolf Learned to Save Water

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The Problem

As my kindergarteners begin their journey to Environmental Stewardship I wish for them to feel empowered by making small changes to the way they do things and helping others change too!

Our Plan

Our final project is a play about saving water which we will perform on stage for the school and our parents. A section of the drip system stopped watering part of our garden and the pansies faded and died. My students were distressed and concerned other parts would die. And so began our adventures in water: what ,why, where, how, when, who, how much, how little, what for, what not for, origins, amounts, plants, animals, people, waste, conservation, gallons, drops, home, school, Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, Earth - I am not using the word "adventure" lightly. It became very clear that we needed to let the people around us know the importance of water conservation!

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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