How long haven’t you had a heart-to-heart talk with your friend?

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The Problem

Make a phone call, write a letter, or just talk with one of your soul mate who hasn't connected for a long time. Compassion is not only for strangers, but also for our long ignored friends. Once you were best friends. Once you played together, study together or work together. Once you shared you laugh and tears with each other. Then maybe you were separated geographical, maybe you were busy at working, maybe you were spending much more sweet time with your honey rather than your friend. Your connection with friends becomes less and less. Soul mate may gradually become strangers you once familiar with, leaving you, who miss your friendship, alone behind. Don’t just feel sorry for that. There are chances to change. Have a heart-to-heart talk with your old friend. Ask him/her “are you all right” sincerely. Listen to his/her own story without interruption. Tell him/her even though you have different lives, he/she is as important for you as it once were. Let he/she know that you do care about them, with all the love in the world, and you will back him/her up no matter what happens. Your action is not only vitally important to your friend and yourself, but also devotes to a society with less neglect, coldness and darkness. Join me, not for me, but for your friends, yourself, and the society you live in. Please. Thank you for your spending time talking with your friend.

Our Plan

Make a phone call, write a letter, or just talk with my soul mate who hasn't connected for a long time at any time when both of us is available.

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