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The Problem

Tanzania is one of the poor but rich in mineral resource countries in the world, a big number of youth fail to finish or even to complete that studies due to lack of money to pay for their school fees and if they try to go to some colleges, the tution fees is very high hence making life to be more than hard to the peasant who wish to at least let his/her child acquire knowledge.

Our Plan

The project's aim is to help all the youth in the rural area at least those who have finished form four (ordinary level of education) and have fail to get money to continue with education offer them the chance to join the hospitality college for hotel management courses, tourism and travel study at affordable fee but we have a program of those from very poor family will be given studying on loan where by after being employed, the student can pay her/his loan. There are a number of people who can't read or write so we have introduced the adult education and illiteracy eradication program ! Any volunteer to join us is highly appreciated as we help the community have better living!

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