Hope Garden

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    Plainfield, Illinois
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The Problem

It is our wish and vision for this project that we raise an awareness with the students and families at the school about hunger in our local community, and that our garden can be a part of the food justice equation.

Our Plan

Our project will allow us to discuss with students about the hunger need in our community and how we might be able to address it through gardening at the school. Students will be able to plan and map a garden space out by the playground and then determine what organic produce should be grown based on our seasons, light exposure, and so on. Students will then be able to to plant and harvest the food and deliver it to the local food pantries. The food pantries have also agreed to talk with the students and give them a tour of their location so that they can see and understand what they do with the produce when it comes in. This campaign allows students to be a part of social action and plant seeds for hope, justice, and equality.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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