Hope Festival 2022

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    Seattle, Washington
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    14 to 18 Years
    19 to 25 Years
    26 and Over

The Problem

Here in Seattle, the homelessness population is the 3rd largest in the United States. Not only are those who are marginalized lacking the items and services they need most, they are lacking a sense hope. Through the Hope Festival, we will work to change this.

Our Plan

The Hope Festival is an annual single-day event that serves 1,000+ in-need families and individuals from across King County. The festival provides those in need with free groceries, clothes, toiletries, and toys for the kids, and much more. In addition to these critically needed tangible necessities, we partner with service providers to offer guests free services such as haircuts, massages, vaccinations, health screenings, and much more. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the refreshments being served, or even pick up a club for a game of mini golf with the family. We partner with local agencies and community organizations to bring them to the event and connect guests to their important services (mental health support, domestic violence help, food security, help finding jobs, and more) which serves guests long after the festival itself. In addition to the tangible ways we serve, we aim to give those in need a reminder that they are important, that they are loved, and that there is always hope. While the main objective of the Hope Festival is to serve guests with the tangible necessities, personal services, and resources that they need, our team is motivated by another equally important vision. This vision is that every person we serve walks away knowing that they are loved and cared for by their community. At the festival, hundreds of inspirational posters cover the walls of the building. “You are Beautiful” stickers are stuck on supplies taken by guests, motivational bookmarks are hidden in books, and handwritten notes are slipped into the 700 grocery bags taken by guests. Dressed-up characters giving out candy make the kids feel welcome. We believe that the things that put a smile on the faces of our guests may ultimately have the biggest impact. Simply said—our vision is that everyone we serve will walk away with a newfound sense of hope. For the past seven years, we have held our event in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue. This year, with the goal of serving in the heart of King County’s need, we will be hosting the festival in downtown Seattle at Seattle Center. We look forward to hosting the most impactful festival yet this summer in July 2022.

Themes Addressed

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    Poverty & Equity
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    Reasons for Hope
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The Benefit

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