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The Problem

You can't be what you can't see, and a lack of connections and role models, it's unsurprising that only 7.1% of Congressional seats are held by women of color. Homegirl Project wishes to empower more girls of color to become leaders by providing them with mentorship, inspiration, networking, and trainings to make a difference in their communities--all online-based.

Our Plan

Homegirl Project empowers girls of color as leaders through three main initiatives. First, our website (HomegirlProject.org) serves as a forum for networking and community-building among girls from across the world, who share essays and conduct interviews with inspiring women leaders from their hometowns, including civil rights activists, CEOs, actresses, and political leaders. Not only does our website allow girls to see themselves represented in positions of success and share inspiration, but it provides a platform for young writers to be published for the first time, and underrepresented leaders to have their stories shared. Second, our mentorship program (#HomegirlAmbassadors) matches girls with inspiring women leaders in their career fields, giving them the opportunity to be guided and advised through their future plans. Our team reads through applications from both mentors and mentees across the world, and matches them digitally based on shared vision, traits, and interests. Many of our mentors additionally choose to participate in ‘digital mentorship’ by doing a live-streamed Q&A to share advice. Thirdly, our newest program is Homegirl Fellows, an online political advocacy training program that empowers girls to become civically engaged in their communities. Fellows will participate in monthly trainings on topics such as the importance of political participation, community outreach, storytelling, and fundraising. Then, they will be matched with a youth mentor and guided in the process of organizing their own Political Action Project, such as a voter registration, town hall, or letter-writing campaign.

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    Peace & Safety

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