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The Problem

With our new school being built right now, LEAF club wants to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to make our new building environmentally sustainable. We identified that a large source of waste is paper towel use in our bathrooms. To combat this problem, we'd like to install high-efficiency hand dryers in our new building. Not only would hand dryers be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emissions than paper towels, but they would eliminate hundreds of paper towels from entering the landfill each year.

Our Plan

Over the past month, we have researched the best brands, cost, and efficiency of different hand dryers. We compiled the data we gathered into an informational pamphlet. Then, we scheduled a meeting with our principal on January 3rd. After getting his input on our idea, we hope to have multiple hand dryers installed in our new building, which will be finished in the next 2 years.

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