Helping Syrian Refugees and Celebrating the International Day of Peace in Massachusetts

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    Wakefield, Massachusetts
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The Problem

We wish to help out the refugees of the civil war in Syria, and primarily we want to help the children who do not have toys or comfort items so we will hold a drive for stuffed animals and we will make cards and pictures to send with the stuffed animals and give the stuffed animals and the cards/pictures to NuDay Syria, a nonprofit in our area that sends containers of needed goods to Syria and the Middle East to help those displaced by the civil war, to go to children who have lost their homes. We will also send several of the older students who have worked hard on this project to work for a morning at NuDay Syria helping to sort and pack donated goods to ship to the Middle East. And we will hold an International Day of Peace Celebration at our school where we will involve all the students, including the younger early ed students, in learning about the Syrian children and their needs and in learning about how to work for peace in their lives and around the world, and kick off the stuffed animal drive and make cards/pictures to go with the stuffed animals, and have a big "peace feast" and plant a peace pole. We will also exchange peace cranes and artwork with at least one school in India as part of our Peace Day Celebration.

Our Plan

We will hold an International Day of Peace Celebration on Sept. 21 and include all the children in afterschool, from toddlers through eighth graders, and it will include planting and dedicating a Peace Pole in the garden with our school sign, holding a peace feast, and doing art work to send to our Peace Crane exchange partner school, and also learning about the Syrian refugee children and kicking off our stuffed animal drive which will run for 10 days and will be our club's project to collect stuffed animals, and make cards and pictures to send with the stuffed animals, that the non-profit NuDay Syria will send to Syrian refugee children for us. Also, some of the older students will bring the stuffed animals to NuDay Syria's warehouse and spend a morning helping to sort donations and pack them for transport to the Middle East.

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    Peace & Safety

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