helping stray dogs in arusha

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The Problem

My wish for this project is to help all stray dogs in Arusha in the quickest time as possible. I want it to stop that there is animal cruelty and that humans treat animals horribly on the street.

Our Plan

my project is going to take in a lot of people( only if they like dogs ) and we are going to make a plan of how we are going to save the dogs, because we cannot just take them from the street by hand. our plan will be: 1. we will map arusha and see where the most street dogs are located. 2. we will browse through arusha and maybe even moshi for animal shelters and hospitals. they will hopefuly help us because they have experience. 3. we will with all hope start saving the dogs and bring them to the shelters and hospitals. Our budget that is needed we can get by advertising to donate and ask the pet shelters. this may all sound impossible to you, but i really want this dream to come true so we can save the earth and set an example to the others. people will have many questions, but through the process we will make mistakes and make new ideas for the plan.

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