Helping Our Pollinators, 2022-2023

  • Location
    South Jamaica, New York
  • Status
  • Age Level
    4 and Under
    5 to 7 Years
    8 to 10 Years

The Problem

We know that our Pollinators are having a rough time of it in our local and global environments. We want to help them and study our local ecosystems. By raising Painted Lady Caterpillars and studying their life cycle/span, we hope to help our small insect friends. They will help us to understand how humans impact their lives and habitats as well as how they assist us (without us asking) with food, flowers and Nature, in general.

Our Plan

We are including 3K -2 grade grade-appropriate activities in different media forms as unit of Life Science study. All work will decorate the hallways as we study the life cycle of a butterfly, specifically. Each class will have their own set of 5 caterpillars and be responsible for their care. Students in grade 3-5, will plant seeds to aid in their comprehension and appreciation of ecosystems, the need for biodiversity, upcycling and the concept of "0 waste", pollination and food consumption, in general.

Themes Addressed

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    Global Citizenship
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The Benefit

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