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The Problem

I would like my graduating high school as well as other schools in my community to make recycling more of a priority and to recruit students to help and mostly, want to help. I would like us to start at recycling in our schools then move onto bigger issues in our community. In the end, I want this project to be very broad and help a wide variety of subjects involving trying to live in harmony with nature in Chester county. I want to place students who truly want to help at various volunteer organizations or give them projects to focus on and guide them along. I really have big dreams for the things this will accomplish in my community.

Our Plan

I plan to first go to schools and talk to teachers and students about my hopes for this project and ask if they are interested in helping me. All of their talents could help, anything at all. My project will focus on smaller issues like recycling in schools and food waste, and bottle/can waste from parties is a huge issue overlooked among teenagers as well. I want to bring it to their attention and speak with the teachers. I also hope to discuss the possibilities of a "Gap Year" after high school while I have the chance and student's attention. I would like our community post offices to be thorough with recycling, different blanket/food drives for local SCPAS and promotion of community wide organic food. This project is most of all about making others aware of their impression on the world, and even more so, to guide them to care about their impression too.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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    Peace & Safety
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    Pets & Companion Animals
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