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The Problem

My wish for this project is to not only help people, animals, and the environment, but also to inspire hope in people even in the face of all the negative things happening worldwide.

Our Plan

My idea is to take a look at the negative things happening in the news once a week, and then decide to take specific action to counteract the negativity and help those affected. Examples: >If the main headlines revolved around hate crimes, we could all post messages on social media to spread love instead of hate, as well as donating to any relevant human rights charities. >If it was bullying, we could all do a Random Act of Kindness for a stranger, and pledge to be kind and stand up against harassment whenever we see it. >If it was cruelty against domestic animals, we could all volunteer at, donate to, and/or publicly promote local animal rescues. >If it was wild animal endangerment or other forms of environmental destruction, we could do an activity such as picking up litter, as well as donating to environmental charities and taking pledges to reduce our carbon footprint as much as practical and possible. (Even though the latter would be a more long-term thing, we could still check up on progress weekly.) >And finally, if it was something to do with negative or harmful laws, we could call or email our state representative. This is not a complete list, of course, because we never know what will happen, but I hope it is enough to get the idea across. If all goes well, it would be a group or club at my high school. Anyone involved with the school would be welcomed, whether students, teachers, administrators, or even parents, as long as the admins would allow that. My school is very small due to being a private school, but I think we could still make a difference, no matter how small we start out. It has been said that the best way to counteract all the depressing events is to do *something*. Even it just helps one person, or one animal, or one patch of wilderness, it's still better than nothing, and even if it's not the entire planet, it can be a world of meaning to that one individual. Be kind! Sincerely, Elizabeth.

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