Helping Bats Cohabitate with the Community at Babcock Ranch

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    Babcock Ranch, Florida
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The Problem

Our community is a growing, fully sustainable, solar-powered community. The developers are very conscientious of the environment and the natural habitats. Our students are studying bats and realized that the bats are important to the environment and need a safe place to live while the community continues to grow. So how do we provide a safe habitat for them? Our plan is to build and distribute bat houses along the perimeter of the community, making it possible for the bats and residents to cohabitate.

Our Plan

Our students will be building bat houses to distribute and set up around the community. This will allow for a safe place for the bats to live while the community grows. Securing a place for the bats to live while the bats help the community by pollinating plants, fertilizing soil, and providing natural mosquito control!

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