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    Pembroke Pines, Florida
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The Problem

After days of torrential rain, on Friday April 1st mudslides struck Mocoa, the capital of Putumayo department in Colombia .The surge swept away houses, bridges,vehicles and trees, leaving piles of wrecked timber and brown mud. At least 238 people are dead, many injured and many more unaccountable and others just lost everything else. Mocoa, a town of 40.000 people, was left without power and running water. There are lots of people in the streets, lots of people displaced and many houses have collapsed. The club want to help this community with needed supplies.

Our Plan

All the surviving victims and the whole town is in need of supplies such as clothes,blankets,soap, medicine, kitchen supplies, and non perishable food. The club will be in charge to collect as many supplies as possible, the club will made posters and educate peers at their schools about the geographical location of Mocoa and collect the supplies to be sent to the corresponding authorities in Colombia be distribute and used for the people in Mocoa. We will sort and arrange the clothes by sizes and gender as well as sort the supplies by category.

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