Healthy Kids Day!

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The Problem

Our goal with "Healthy Kids Day" is to introduce hundreds (maybe thousands) of kids and parents to many fun options of healthy eating, sustainable practice and personal ecology.

Our Plan

Our Roots & Shoots group will collaborate with the Hot Springs YMCA. We will draw from Dr. Goodall's work to educate our community about the importance of sustainable foods, healthy eating and the empowerment of our youth. We will invite farmer's markets and local healthy food sources to have booths and fun activities for the kids. We will have someone dressed as Dr. Jane reading some of her kids books on the main stage as well as other fun, healthy, physical activities. Near the end of the event, each child will draw what it means to them to be a "sustainable change maker" in our community, and we will compile it into a fantastic book! We plan to create a project map for this event.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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We are nurturing the compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

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