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    Orlando, Florida
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The Problem

Advocacy for Low Income Children, with Disabilities, Animal Friendship, and Music Therapy with Awareness of Compassion.

Our Plan

Bring the beauty and art of music to the community with awareness and integration of low income children with disabilities, helping our animals in need, with music therapy. Our Project HEAL3JL Advocacy is what we are with the projects for Compassionate Traits and R&S Family Tool Kit, where our kids would assist and meet and greet other children and we were honored the opportunity to work with children with Autism, for Music Therapy. In the form of different styles of music, learning hands on how to play an instrument and how to DJ, physically and virtually. Some of the children showed great empathy, and some were not so kind at first. But working through the worksheet and hands on the children began to listen to understand and showed the others through leadership how to help and come up with ideas that would include and benefit everyone. We have helped local communities in food distribution, we have done pet-sitting day at the park with the children. WE wanted to address the problem of Connection to all in our community and share the voice of the voiceless, children with disabilities and animals with no homes. We have partnered with local food shelters, animal shelters, and churches to share and connect in our efforts, We will share our plans and goals with our partners implementing them in our success, we will keep them updated on all of our social media platforms. Our Group of young people will be the ones sending the emails, and working our social media outlets keeping our story and project active. Our young people are committed to attending social events to promote our projects now and forthcoming.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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