Hands Across Communities

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    Plainview, New York
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The Problem

Our goal in project two "Hands Across Communities " is to reach out to global communities and devlop understanding and empathy for both our similiarities and differences. Global communication will hopefully bring global respect.

Our Plan

Our first project was regional in thinking : Titled Search.. to develop inqueries and arouse thinking. It went very well and reached the greater community. Phase two or project two is title Hands Across Communities. This has been launched to a trunk of artifacts from Kenya, students will explore the cultures of other countries around the world and compare and contrast to develop empathy and respect. They will create their own trunk of artifacts and present them to the student body and their parents. Additionally children will devlop interview questions to "skpe" with a school in South America. A donation will be made to a school in need or/ animal preserve in Kenya

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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