H.B. Wilson Family School Garden and Fruit Trees!

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    camden, New Jersey
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    Any Age

The Problem

We want to enable students at H.B. Wilson Family School in Camden, NJ to be able to learn about urban gardening and how it can help their community. We want to enhance the already existing school garden and want to plant fruit trees on school grounds. This will enhance food literacy for students who live in a community that experiences food apartheid and will empower them to see how they can grow their own fruits and vegetables. We will address biodiversity loss in an urban setting, enhance community through gardening, and create spaces for our pollinators that help our fruits and vegetables grow.

Our Plan

We plan to enhance the already existing school garden by increasing the number of raised beds for growing. We want to be able to buy supplies so that students can assist in gardening so that they feel empowered by their ability to grow their own food. We plan to plant fruit trees on school grounds. Camden used to have a lot of fruit trees that were cared for by community members but this tradition has gone to the wayside. We would love to institute this community tradition again for our students and community members.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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