Growing Sustainable Food through Aquaponics

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    El Reno, Oklahoma
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    Any Age
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    K-12 School

The Problem

Growing Sustainability Food through Aquaponics

Our Plan

Our group is interested in developing an aquaponics system to grow produce. We would like to do a comparison study between produce grown in a convention garden, produce grown with a FarmBot, and produce grown in an aquaponics system. Through our planting, production, and research we hope to find efficient ways to maximize harvests, partner with local food banks, schools, and senior living facilities, and help marginalized community members learn to grow nutritious food for their families. We have a conventional garden which has been very productive in the last three years. It has also been very labor intensive. Recently we were introduced to FarmBots ( and will be installing one this spring in our outdoor space. The cost of the FarmBot is not necessarily friendly to families, but does provide advanced technological processes in agriculture. With the addition of an aquaponics system in our building, we will be able to grow food without soil, use fish waste for fertilizer in our conventional garden, grow fish for eating, selling, or donating, and learn about symbiotic relationships. We have talked with aquaponics experts to determine the specifications, cost, amount of work, and expected results of our project. We are eager to begin.

Themes Addressed

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    Economic Issues
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    Food Choices
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    Food Insecurity
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The Benefit

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