Growing Pizza garden’s everywhere to help kids eat healthy

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    Inkster, Michigan
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The Problem

This project will be another avenue for kids and parents to be apart of making a difference in their communities. Although it is a small step; however, the fruits it will bear is lasting sustainability in the long run. This project will bring families together to make a difference for children and families to come.

Our Plan

Social media will be a platform to invite other city residents to get involved. Getting Apartment Management to get involve with the project for compliance purposes. Devise a plan meeting to get things ready for the project at the local library or Apartment Clubhouse. Budget breakdown of supplies and materials needed to be successful and less stressful. :) Research vegetables to be used for proper growing!! Project will be evaluated periodically to measure growth, participation from community residents, and other variance the may affect the project progression.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices

The Benefit

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