Growing #GS Kindness

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    Greensburg, Pennsylvania
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The Problem

The Growing #GS Kindness Project allows students in grades K-5, in the Greensburg Salem School District, to participate in a hands-on Service Learning Project aimed at taking action and raising awareness to make the world a better place. The goal of this project is to explicitly teach and support children's growing understanding that the actions they choose make a difference to themselves and others in their community. The Growing #GS Kindness Project will offer powerful lifelong benefits to students by teaching them responsibility, leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills through a fun and rewarding hands-on activity.

Our Plan

All students in grades K-5 at Nicely and Metzgar Elementary Schools in the Greensburg Salem School District will participate in a hands-on service learning project. This service-learning project combines a "teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities." Each student will create a individual project that will be donated to a local agency or group of individuals. All 400 students at Nicely Elementary School will be responsible for planting flowers and decorating flower pots that will be presented as gifts to residents of local nursing and assisted living homes. 300 Metzgar Elementary School Students will be making beaded bracelets for residents of local nursing and memory care homes. These student will also be able to design and decorate a place-mat that will be laminated and donated to local Meals-On-Wheels Programs. Following these activities, students will be asked to reflect upon their experience and discuss how they felt completing these projects. In addition to large and small group discussions students will be asked to complete a reflection activity survey. Lastly, information will be sent home with students so that the discussion can continue with parents, guardians and with members of our community.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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