Growing a Butterfly Garden

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    Parker, Colorado
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The Problem

We wish to create a Butterfly Garden at our school to attract the monarch butterflies, as well as other butterflies that are native to our area. We have discovered that we are on the migratory path of the Monarch butterfly. Since they are on the endangered species list, We would like to create a milkweed garden for them to lay their eggs, rest, and eat. We would like to create a garden near our classroom so that our community can watch the butterflies from our window.

Our Plan

I will use the funds to purchase plants to plant outside and provide shelter and food for the butterflies. We would purchase plants rather than seed so that the butterflies we are observing in our classrooms have a habitat. We will purchase planters, soil and flowers that attract different butterflies to plant outside our classroom. Students will team up to design the garden. plant the flowers, and document the butterflies we observe.

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