Grow, Harvest, Give

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    Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach, California
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    Any Age

The Problem

Every 1 in 4 people are food insecure in Los Angeles County. Hunger affects all groups of people regardless of education level, employment status or ethnicity. Food insecurity means having limited, uncertain, or inconsistent access to the quality and quantity of food that is necessary to live a healthy life. Having sustained access to enough food is tied to positive social, physical, and mental health outcomes. 50% of children living in low income households are affected by food insecurity.

Our Plan

We will plant vegetables from seed, harvest it and give it to those experiencing food insecurity. We will also glean our fruit trees and those of our neighbors who would like to donate their fruit. We will build a large garden in the mountains and also grow from seed trays and plant in pots and in a raised planter at our homes.

Themes Addressed

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    Climate Change
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    Food Insecurity
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The Benefit

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