Grow and Cook Your Own Food

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    Ahmedabad (anybody from anywhere can join. Especially the Americans who need this the most.)
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    Any Age

The Problem

People nowadays are always buying frozen food or inorganic vegetables. It is very unhealthy. People may say "we don't want to cook" or "we don't have time to cook" but the truth is, you must cook at least once a week. As for fruits and vegetables, you don't have to be farmer with a big farmland to grow it yourself. In fact, you can even grow food if you live in a tiny flat! When I was seven, I grew my own food in a flat in Dubai! Cooking is not difficult. Actually even kids can cook. (Supervised) It is safer to cook your and grow your own food and better for your health.

Our Plan

We will buy seeds,pots and gardening tools. We will grow delicious food. Then,we will cook. BOOM! Done. Speard the word,give people a taste of your food and celebrate.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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    Food Insecurity

The Benefit

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